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03 Jun 2019


Ivan Nikitin


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 01 Feb 2012

Adding copyright information or personal signatures to images created by users is a process called watermarking and it's a great way of reducing theft and to get recognition for creativity. This is where Visual Watermark comes in hand. The software allows the user to create fancy watermarks to protect his images from unauthorized use. The installation of the program is one simple process, as the user only needs to follow the on-screen instructions, after clicking on the installation executable. The size of the installation file and the program itself is small and the system requirements are not out of the ordinary, as the program can be run from any ordinary computer.

The user interface of the program is very intuitive and lets the user quickly start working with the software. Besides that, beginners will be pleased because the program provides an animated tutorial that shows how easy it is to place a watermark on an image. Visual Watermark places very strong watermarks on user's photos and integrates the watermark directly into the photo as if it were there originally. Once the watermark is added, it's nearly impossible to remove it. The program includes a lot of options for placing the watermark, like specifying the position of it in a precise way.

Photos can be watermarked with logotypes, graphics and text. Visual Watermark lets the user watermark a lot of photos at once. Besides that, another interesting feature is the fact that it can render text sharply and clearly. It supports a wide range of graphic formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP. Watermarks can be saved for future use and the watermarked image can also be exported into the PDF format, for even better protection. An important feature of the program is the fact that it can save the watermarked images to a new folder, so the originals are not modified.


It includes a batch mode for watermarking more images at once. Watermarks can be edited in handy graphical interface, using a lot of options. It also offers an animated tutorial for beginners. Another thing is that it can create watermarks out of graphics and text. The software can also export photos into the PDF format for better protection.


It could be considered too simple by advanced users. Visual Watermark is a great program for watermarking and protecting user's photos, getting the job done for all the images at once.

Visual Watermark


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